Soup and Salad

Miso Soup

Seafood Dobin (Tea Pot) Soup

Shrimp, scallops, fish, fish cake and vegetables in a broth. Served in a lovely tea pot.

House Salad

Served with our special ginger dressing.

Baby Octopus Salad

Seaweed Salad

Ika SanSai Salad

Tenderized seasoned squid and mountain vegetables salad.


Cold Dish Appetizers

Bonsai Tree

Smoked salmom, avocado, cream cheese, crab stick, masago, wrapped with paper thin cucumber served with ginger-tomato vinaigrette.

Spicy Tuna Tataki

9 spices crusted tuna lightly seared served with yuzu-ponzu sauce. Garnish with soy-balsamic mix spring salad.

Halibut Usuzukuri

Paper thin sliced halibut served with yuzu-ponzu sauce.

Spicy Octopus with Cucumber Relish

Sliced octopus marinated with chef's spicy sauce served with cucumber relish. Garnish with curry oil.

Seafood Nuta

Tuna, clam, conch, octopus mixed with su-miso.

Tako Su

Octopus, cucumber with sweet vinegar.

Ebi Su

Shrimp, cucumber with sweet vinegar.

Mori Su

Shrimp, octopus, clam, conch, crab stick, cucumber with sweet vinegar.

Mango Scallop Ceviche

Fresh scallop, mango, tomato, onion and cilantro mix with citrus sauce.

Goma Ae

Cold boiled spinach with sesame dressing.

Sushi Appetizer

1 piece tuna, 1 piece whitefish, 1 piece salmon, 1 piece shrimp.

Sashimi Appetizer

Assorted sliced raw fish.

Hot Dish Appetizers

Scallop Isobe Maki

Fresh scallop, asparagus, crab stick roll with seaweed then fried.

BBQ Calamari

Grilled calamari with ginger sauce.

Green Mussels Motoyaki

Baked half shell New Zealand green mussels with creamy sauce.

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.


Deep fried shrimp and vegetables.

Vegetable Tempura

Deep fried vegetables.

Ebi Gyoza

Pan-fried shrimp dumpling served with soy-vinegar sauce.

Kani Shu-Mai

Steam crab dumplings.


Broiled chicken and scallion on skewer with special house teriyaki sauce.

Hamachi Kama

Broiled yellowtail jaw with teriyaki sauce.


Broiled beef rolled in scallion with teriyaki sauce.

Age Dashi Tofu

Deep fried tofu served with chef's special sauce.

Eda Mame

Steamed young soy bean.